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Chicken Breast Jerky Dog Treats

Unfortunately not all Chicken Jerky Dog Treats are made the same, so what is it exactly that makes our Australian Skinless Chicken Breast Jerky Treats So Special? Well... UNLIKE many mass produced Chicken Jerky Treats, that can contain cheap, imported, chemically washed, irradiated “pet meat” (not fit for human consumption), plus toxic additives and fillers like GLYCERINE (a byproduct left over from soap and biofuels production) our Natural, Australian, Chicken Breast Jerky Dog & Cat Treats are proudly Australian Made By Us, using 100% Australian, Goverment Regulated, Human Grade Quality, Skinless Chicken Breast Meat.


But what makes our furry friends love our Australian Chicken Breast Jerky Treats so much? Well it could be due to the super thin and crispy texture or the delicious and slightly chewy consistency, but we think the true beauty of these tasty treats, is the fact that our unique low and slow drying process, simply removes the water content of the chicken breast, ensuring that the majority of natural nutrients are retained within the treat. Which in turn ensures a rich, natural and intense flavour, that has become a firm favourite amongst our health conscious clientele ..


Fun Fact

Many of our customers say that when you open a bag of our Freshly Dehydrated Raw Chicken Breast Jerky, it smells exactly like Roast Chicken #yum


How & When To Feed?

Due to the fact that our single ingredient treats are High in Natural Animal Protein, Low in Fat and Contain NO Fillers, Salt, Sugar, High Carbohydrate Grains, Cereals, Legumes or Veggies, means they can be safely fed daily at your discretion, as part of a fresh/balanced diet.


✔ 100% Australian Made (By Us)
✔ 100% Australian Owned
✔ 100% Australian Meat
✔ 100% Human Grade Meat
✔ NO Preservatives
✔ NO Colours
✔ NO Flavours
✔ NO Salt
✔ NO Sugar
✔ NO Glycerin
✔ NO Fillers
✔ NO Additives ‘Of Any Kind’

Chicken Breast Jerky

SKU: 001
  • Nutritional Benefits

    1. Contains All 9 Essential Amino Acids: Skinless Chicken Breast is considered to be a complete protein, as it contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids that dogs require for optimal growth, development and overall good health. Complete proteins are also vital to our pets diet, as their bodies are unable to produce these 9 essential amino acids on their own.


    2. Vital Vitamins & Minerals: Skinless chicken breast contains a host of vital nutrients including B vitamins (B6, B12, niacin, riboflavin), which are crucial for energy metabolism, nervous system function, and overall health. Additionally, chicken is a great source of minerals like phosphorus, selenium, and zinc, which support bone health, immune function, and antioxidant defense.


    3. Weight Management: Skinless chicken breast is very low in fat, especially saturated fat, containing around only 1.5% fat per 100g, making it a super healthy option for pets on a low fat diet. It also contains a nutrient called choline, which plays a vital role in various metabolic processes, including fat metabolism, proper functioning of the liver and brain, and helping to transport fats and cholesterol out of the liver, promoting better metabolic health.


    4. Hypoallergenic Option: Contrary to popular belief, skinless chicken breast is actually considered to be a hypoallergenic protein source, meaning that it is much less likely to trigger allergies or sensitivities in dogs compared to other protein sources. Making it a more suitable choice for dogs with food allergies or intolerances.


    5. High Digestibility: Skinless chicken breast is a highly digestible protein source, making it a great option for dogs with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues. It can also help to prevent gastrointestinal upset and promote optimal nutrient absorption.

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