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Beef Ligament Chews

✔ 100% Australian Made
✔ 100% Australian Owned & Operated

✔ 100% Australian Human Grade Meat

✔ Gluten Free
✔ NO Preservatives
✔ NO Colours
✔ NO Flavours 
✔ NO Salt
✔ NO Sugar
✔ NO Glycerin

✔ NO Additives ‘Of Any Kind’

Beef Ligament Chews

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  • Product Information

    Recommended For Small Dog Breeds Only

    There’s a few reasons why our Beef Ligament Pieces are one of our biggest selling chews for puppies and small dogs. And it’s not just because these crunchy, slowly dehydrated, long lasting chews (apparently) taste Amazing, but it’s also because they massage the gums, clean the teeth, freshen the breath and are fantastic boredom busters, that provide your dog, with vital physical and mental stimulation.
    And unlike some of the larger mass produced/commercial brands, we pride ourselves on the fact that our Dehydrated Raw Beef Ligament Pieces are hand made locally (by us) in small batches from 100% Australian Cattle.

    And if all of that isn’t enough, our Aussie Beef Ligament Pieces also contain a host of nutritional benefits including being high in protein and filled with glycine, proline and COLLAGEN, which are all known for helping to:


    - Strengthen Your Dogs Nails, Coat and Teeth
    - Improve Your Dogs Liver Health
    - Protect Your Dogs Heart
    - Improve the Health of Your Dogs Skin
    - Reduce Joint Pain and Degeneration
    - Naturally Heal A Leaky Gut
    - Boost Your Dogs Metabolism and Muscle Mass

    Fun Facts

    - These high quality longer lasting chews are made from the nuchal ligament, which is the strong elastic ligament, found in the necks of cattle and sheep.
    - The Trademark "Yellow Colour" of the Ligament, is due to the Abundance of Elastin present in the connective tissue.
  • Special Note

    Always ensure you supervise your dog while eating any chews and remove them, once they have been gnawed down to a size, small enough to swallow whole.